If you ask any Zelda fan what’s their favorite side quest in all the franchise, it’ll probably be any of Majora’s Mask’s side quests, more specifically, Anju and Kafei’s side quest.

As we all know, Majora’s Mask is a side quest based game. You can’t beat the game without doing the mandatory ones that lead you to the four main dungeons, but the true magic and charm of the game lays within the residents of Clock Town and their problems ready to be solved by you. It’s kind of a shame that you can’t solve and/or help everyone during a single 3-day cycle (because some side quest’s required times conflict with one another), but your reliable Bombers’ Notebook keeps track of all the people you’ve helped on your past cycles.

Regarding Anju and Kafei’s side quest, it’s recognized as one of the lengthiest and probably hardest to get around your first time playing blindly (if you like to play on your first run of any game blindly like me), because each little requirement has a really specific time to get done.

The first time I saw Kafei go to the post box with his Keaton mask, my curiosity was peaked because seeing a young boy with a yellow fox mask just check the post box and then running away to the Laundry Pool was just odd. But I decided to let it pass until I had beaten the first dungeon, little did I know that he was part of a bigger and heartwarming side quest.

Playing through this side quest without a guide was HARD. Really hard. I had little to no idea what to do and had to redo it several times, it was kind of a trial and error thing for me. But when I finally got it done “right”, I was really satisfied. My second time playing, now with a guide, was such a breeze! I found out of easier ways to get through it but still, the always handy Inverted Song of Time made everything less cardiac because time went half as slow. (Because of the Scarecrow I had the knowledge of the Inverted Song of Time but I always messed it up and never used it because I got frustrated…)

But in the end, I got to understand why this side quest was so renowned by many fans, it definitely tugged on my heartstrings. It was difficult the first time, but I would play it many times more now that I have an idea of what I’m doing just to see Anju and Kafei happy together.

Karen Berrones González