If there’s something I love, it’s movies, not only live action movies but also animated ones. I love animation and being an animator is my biggest dream so I put attention to all these little details when it comes to animated movies or even cartoons.

I’m going to focus more on movies since that’s what we buy, there aren’t many people that are into series, it’s easier for us to get closer to movies because 1. They’re short 2. People seem to feel obligated to watch it with or for their kids. Older people don’t have the time to get immersed in a cartoon that it’s transmitted every day or week, so yeah, let’s focus on movies.

As I said people seem to watch the movies only for their little ones, an example, my aunt knew by memory the SpongeBob movie but only because my cousin watched it every time he could. My point: she didn’t watch it because she wanted but because she felt obligated. My mom was talking about how she remembered the cartoons we used to watch when I was a kid but again, because we watched it together, not because she wanted.

What I want to prove is that there aren’t adults that watch animations because they want, they say they’re childish or boring but you know, sometimes you have to get more into the research and I’m sure you’ll find movies that will please you as much as a real one. Try to enjoy the amazing scenery and think, that those images actually don’t exist and were created by people as real as you and me, try to feel amazed by them, I’m sure you’ll learn to love them as much as I do.