Hi, I am going to talk about doramas and for the people who don’t know what doramas are, they are television programs that are played in Asia. They can be Japanese, Chinese and Korean. This one is Korean drama and it’s one of my favorites dramas I have ever seen. It´s called “oh my ghostness”, I totally recommend this drama, the soundtrack it’s divided in four parts the first one was made by Ben, the second part was made by Han So Hyun ft. Jaime Park the third part was made by Park Bo Young, the leading actress and the four and final part was made by Jay Park. Also it has a great history with romance, comedy, mystery and action.

The Story is about a girl called Na Bong Sun interpreted by Park Bo Young that is a talented chef, but with low self-teem and very shy. One day she met a ghost called Shin Soon Ae interpreted by Kim Seulgi that has something to do, that supposed to be that she is a virgin. However the ghost possess Na Bong Sun  and wants to have something with her boss , but when the story continues she discovers how she died and who killed her.

The drama only have six teen episodes and her emission period was in July 3rd, 2015 to August 22nd, 2015

I know it sounds crazy but it´s a really good drama with an excellent and different story also with great actors.

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