Hi there, I’m back again!

The topic of today is “Traditions of Mexico”. Are a lot of traditions in that country because each state it is own. Some of them are “Dia de la Candelaria”, “La Guelaguetza”, “Fiestas Patrias” and many more. I’m very excited to talk about this because is something really different and amazing!!

Other tradition that is very famous, important and representative in Mexico is “Day of the Dead”.

I decided to talk about this day because I like it more than others.

In this day the people make an altar, they make it with a table or something like that, they decorate it with flowers (the most famous flower that they use are “cempasúchitl”)  and paper of different colors, put food and drinks like tamales, fruit, candies, alcohol, chocolate, a photo of someone who is dead, candles, calaveritas and much more things. The objective of do that is because in the past the people said that the dead people came to the earth to eat or drink the things of the altar, is for that reason that they put the favorite food and drinks of their familiars.

In some towns the same day celebrate the “Xantolo”, in this days men use women’s clothes and dance a traditional song, it’s because they try to “confuse” the dead for no one die.

After all, they eat traditional dishes and continue with the celebration in a specific place or in the houses.

Both celebration last two days and sometimes three, because some people start since October 31st. In November 1st is the day of dead children and in November 2nd is the day of dead adults.

All of this is a little explanation about one of the traditions that Mexicans have in November.

It’s a very funny day! (Because the dances and music of course) I really like it! And hope the next year can return to celebrate again!

Cora Nava Bordonave