I’m going to talk about a few tv shows that I like to watch, and I watched more that 2 times. It is difficult to me to finish a show, so the ones that I finish really catch my attention. The first one is…

The walking dead

It’s based on a comic, but its not the same they just change some situations that make the show go in another way, it’s about a group of survivors that fights with zombies but there are also bad people who try to kill them or take away their reserves. So more than a horror series is pure drama, in general I don’t like drama but this one is pretty good and it has zombies.

How I Met Your Mother

It’s about  group of 5 friends that hangout. One of them, which can be said is the main character of the series, is looking for the perfect woman, the perfect mom for his future kids. So throughout the series we can see the women that he dates and that he thought one of those would be the one. And  all the adventures and situations you spend with his friends.


It is about a group of friends who struggle to get ahead in life and between them many things happen. Each character is unique and spectacular, certainly a series that can not be missed. BTW I finished it in two weeks: P

Other series that I like are Modern Family and Lost, but the ones that I just talked about are my favorites.