Hello there!

This is going to be my first blog, since ever, so just bear with me if I’m not doing it

right. Here goes nothing.

First I’m going to tell you a little something about myself, I have a band, a pop-punk

band, more precisely.

We started back in 2013, at first we were only 4 (including me), but we had to get

rid of a (at that time) friend, and later 2 other friends came along and that’s how my

band was formed. Maybe next time I’ll talk about this, but since this is not the topic

of this blog, I’m here to tell you about our first gig.

My brother had a band who was going to promote their first music video, yeah they

were kind of famous in the local scene, and yeah I was on the video as well, but

getting back to the topic, since my brother’s band and mine were friends, they told

us if we were ready for the date, we could open the stage for them. I think I’ve

never seen my guitarist (also my best friend), say yes that quickly before.

We had two months to rehearsal for the gig and we only had four songs, you would

think, for a new band who had only been together for less than a year, four songs

are okay, right? The problem there was that we had to play for a half an hour, and

four songs weren’t enough.

The day of the concert came, since it was going to be in the afternoon, we decided

to rehearsal in the morning before going to the gig.

The gig took place at a local restaurant-bar, it was the place to be if you wanted to

hear live music and where all the local bands went to. We arrived an hour early for

the sound check and to drink a little to calm our nervousness.

Long story short, we played our four songs and the audience gave us a good

response. At the end of the day, people even started to ask us to take a picture

with them. It was kind of odd, but it was surely one of the best days of my life.