There are so many people that when they start liking so much a music band, then also start to search about all the most important things about the members, the history, main songs, when were they written, why did all of this began, and all that kind of stuff just so they can be the fans number one. But sometimes, it is really boring to read everything, I mean, we are interested but we don’t really care about all the exact dates and manager’s names because we don’t really know them. That’s why I’ll try to summarize this band’s history, and which of course, is my favorite band as I guess is also yours.

Maroon 5 didn’t start with this name, of course; they met when they were 12 years old… well, just three of them, and they created a little band together.

When they were in high school they formed a new band called “Kara’s Flowers”. The ones who were in the band at that time were Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick. And I guess you’re wondering why the band was named like that. Well, it was because all of them had a crush on a girl called Kara, funny huh? Kara was such as a lucky girl.

So, they had their band and used to play their songs and stuff, they were having a great time, and even some managers called them to produce their songs, but unfortunately, things don’t always work as we would expected since the beginning, and their first album was a complete failure. Just so you know, this first album was called “Soap Disco”.

After this they dropped out of the band and each of them took their own way. As Adam went to live in New York, he got influenced with the style of the urban music, and they began to write songs again.

They (the old members of the band) went back in the 2000, and as expected some of their demos were rejected, but I can tell this is a good example of perseveration, because even with all the failures and rejections they went through, they never gave up, and it wasn’t until their song “Sunday morning” that they reached the top. That song was considered as a “genius song” by some experts, and well, that’s how all these amazing guys just began…

Laura Gabriela Mata Padrón.