We’re currently on a technological era, almost everyone has a Smartphone and internet

connection. In good hands that can be very productive, because you have a lot of

information right in your pocket, but in bad hands you have a way to ruin someone’s life,

to get drugs or even manipulate the elections of one of the most important countries of

the world. The fact that Donald Trump became president when he was at the bottom of

the election poll is a great example of how bad propaganda against someone can change

the course of something as big and important as an election.

How did this happen? Well, Donald Trump was at the bottom of the polls and the

elections were almost done, but Trump had a plan: He said that the federal investigation

against Hillary Clinton was active again and that he had found new e-mails with classified

information. All of this was false, but it doesn’t matter if the news are true, all that

matters is that people talk about it and believe it. As soon as the people knew about the

news, everyone lost their hope on Hillary and gave their vote to Trump, without even

verifying if the news were truth.

False news gave the opportunity to one man to become the president of one of the

strongest nations and all it took to work was that people spread the news without

checking if it was truth or false, and that’s why we need to analyze all the news we read,

because in this technological era it’s really easy to get cheated by the news, and some

times, by presidents.

By: Martín Rafael Castillo Romero