If you do any kind of art, especially drawings, and share it on any social network of your choice, you might know how hard it is to make it stand out and be noticed by most people who see it. Especially when you’ve done it for several months -or years!- and still see very little to no results, while some other new kid in the block becomes a huge hit from day one.

Maybe you’ve seen several cases. The artist who draws very well and gives their drawings a very deep meaning and are very well worked, yet nobody seems interested on what they post. And then there goes someone who, to be honest, does only crap, but becomes an instant success. Fast forward one year -or less!- and while our first artist keeps improving still struggles to be noticed, our second one is already very well established, and still doing crappy stuff.. Whether they’re often invited to big-name conventions, work for this or that project, make a living off commissions, have published their first book… whatever you define as success in the artistic world.

Then you wonder: oh god, why? I’m on this or that artist groups on Facebook and share my best! I work very hard on everything I do! I post on Instagram using 20 or so tags! Very few people watch me on deviantart! And I do comment and follow several other artists! What am I doing wrong? What have I not done yet? I’ve been drawing for several years and can’t even win a contest, while this “new kid” who is already a big name didn’t even draw at all last year! Please… if they can, I can -and should- do it, too!

If you can relate to anything you just read, then welcome! Let’s talk about our struggles of getting our art noticed and, hopefully, we can work together to make our art kick ass! Let’s become the big name artists we deserved to be since we were kids! Are you in?

José Manuel Martinez Fregoso