Welcome back to my travelling blog! If you are new, let me introduce what my blog is about. Here you can find where and when to go, top 10, tips, photos and videos from my trips and more. Today’s blog is about how to go on trip and save money at the same time. Keep reading to know more about it!
It’s true that we all want to travel all over the world but we don’t always have enough money to make it happen. But actually, there’s a way (or many) to make that ‘dream trip’ become a reality.
So I made a list with some helpful tips that you can use for future plans of travelling with a little amount of money. Make sure to give this list a read before you go on a trip.

  1. Know the amount of money you have. This can be very helpful when you are ready to check costs for restaurants, hotels, transport, activities and more.
  2. Check discounts. When you go on travel in specific seasons, there are so many places that offer discounts to the tourists. Before you go on travel, you should check when is the best time of the year to travel.
  3. Prepare your own food. When you are on travel, you want to taste different from the country you are visiting but if you want to save money in expensive restaurants and don’t waste time waiting for a table in a restaurant, you should carry in a backpack some food. You can go to a market and buy cheap food like bread, ham, cheese and prepare sandwiches when you feel the need to eat while exploring. (And also make sure to carry with you a bottle of water too!)
  4. Travel in short periods. You can save money travelling in short periods of time. Maybe just go on trip for a weekend. You can reduce costs and save a little amount of money for your next trip.

These are just a few tips I used in my last trip and I thought they can be useful for someone else. If you think you know more tips to save money on travel, don’t forget to share them with us! So everyone can save more money for more trips! Don’t miss the next post on this blog.

Daniela Alexandra Barrera Treviño