I have been a dancer for almost a decade, and since I started things haven’t gone easy since then, to some people to be a dancer is something easy, some people that is outside of dance dont  know the energy, the sacrifices and all the things that comes from being a dancer. To be a dancer it is not to only be able to attend dance class and do everything that they ask you to do; to be a dancer is to have passion for what you are doing, to dedicate the time to become your personal best in something that you enjoy.

Dance is a kind of art that can help you to liberate all the bad things that you have in mind, to take out the stress and to tell stories, other people’s and yours, it is a way to express yourself through your body.

Being a dancer also has its bad side, sometimes you are just too tired after class, or are to busy to even be able to make it to the class, sometimes it can be really frustrating because you have other things going on that can be way more important that attending a class just for fun, but sometimes that hour or hour and a half can help you to liberate all the stress and all the bad things you have in you, sometimes dance can help you to move on through a difficult time. Personally dance has been a way to escape from all the things going on,  the stress from school, problems with friends, family, etc. Yes dance is an art, dance is a sport but if you are really into it sometimes you just find the time to just do it, even if you are not able to attend class and are only able to practice on your own.

Finally being a dancer has his ups and downs but, at the end of the day it is just about having fun.