I have been writing a novel since I was in junior high, I guess it all started in 2012. In my own experience I can say that writing a novel or a book can come with a lot of obstacles that can pause our progress, mainly responsibilities such as school, work, sometimes trips, life events, etc. But the worst thing it can happen to a writer in process is running out of ideas, or sometimes even having ideas that seem totally useless to us; this is commonly known as the writer’s block. But I’ve got good news for you, this is totally normal, getting blocked means that your mind has gone tired of producing such a good amount of good ideas.

You should be pretty careful with this feeling, because if you keep forcing your mind to produce an advance, writing can become a stressful and unhealthy hobby, and this is what we want to avoid right?

So here I’ll show you some ideas for getting out of that deep and dark place called writer’s block.

  • Go for a walk or for a run, breath fresh air, this could help your blood’s circulation improvement to your brain.
  • Experts also recommend being an active reader of classics.
  • If you don’t really like reading, music can be a good alternative. You can search for some movie soundtracks and create your own “Writing playlist”.
  • If you are a more visual person, watching movies of the same genre as your book would be a good and also fun idea.
  • Investigate about the context of your book, get informed about the places you want the story to happen.
  • Join to a writing group and make new friendship with other writers and also with passionate readers.

But the most important tip is: fall in love with your story and don’t tell you that your writing is useless. Take your time, remember every person writes at their own rhythm. I hope all this tips were useful for you, if you have any other way of coming out of writer’s block, let me know in the comments below!

Alejandra Solano Rodríguez.