Danganronpa is an unusual game about a boy named Naegi who has the title of “Ultimate Lucky Student”. On the Hope’s Peak Academy, a school that guarantees a successful future, every year a normal student is selected by chance. So… there was Naegi, in front of the academy ready for this new challenge, but he just took his first step and he lost consciousness.

He awakes in a classroom with security cameras and steel plates on the windows. Then, he went to the meeting point where he found the other skilled students and discovered the fact that they are trapped.

In the middle of confusion, a teddy bear appears and explains that he took control and they would live there forever, and the only way to escape is “graduating” committing a perfect homicide (Nobody should know who is the guilty one). And to make it more interesting, he shows them videos about what happened to their families and friends, and also offers a prize to anyone who graduates.

They have to play this game with simple rules. If three students find a corpse, it would be announced, and they have some time to find clues before the trail class. And if they discover the guilty one, he will be punished (executed), or if they fail, everyone except the guilty person will be punished.

Hope and despair will be put to the test in the ultimate challenge for their freedom. This is kill and live.


Luis Javier Hervert Cadena