This game has a really good introduction story. It was the age of the darkness, the dragons controlled the world, they were inmortal thanks to their rock scales, but some people finished with the dragons, they were… Gwyn, the Lord of the Solar Light, Nito, Lord of the Dead, Seath, the Scaleless and Izalith, the Witch. They discovered the Primal Fire, and with that power destroyed the Eternal Dragons.

When the great battle ended, the four lords distributed the lands of Lordran, Gwyn, who was the most powerful, he would be the King of Lordran, Nito would be the Lord of the Dead and took the Catacombs and the Tomb of the Gigants, Izalith The Witch took a underground Kingdom and Seath the Scaleless took the biggest library. With this started the age of the fire. After some time, the Primal Fire began to disappear.

The king Gwyn, tried to keep the Primal Fire to extend the Fire Age, he sacrified all his power to the Primal Fire to get a little ember. Since that moment he was called The Lord of the Cinder and he went crazy. Now, it’s your turn to be King, you need to decide: put down the Primal Fire and be the King of the Darkness, or keep the Primal Fire and sacrifice your life for Lordran.


José Luis Alatorre Ortega