Art of ancient Egypt

Egyptian art is one of the most impressive artistic manifestations that the modern man has managed to know. The Egyptian civilization not only created an architecture, sculpture and painting of impressive beauty, but also a whole culture.

This art is very related to the way it developed, it was a culture closed to exterior influences. Therefore, they had to create its own way to communicate.

The Egyptians had no relations with other people and that’s why their race is very pure.

The society was perfectly structured, the pharaoh was the incarnation of the solar God on Earth and its divinity.

The art is often displayed mainly in temples and tombs. Which is related to both determinant factors: monarchy and religion. Egyptian art is always under very specific standards, so it’s very similar.

Egyptian art personally is very interesting, especially for what it means, it goes beyond just representing daily activities as in prehistoric art, what was intended was to leave a record of what was done in those times, how the hierarchies worked and which were their cults.

One of the things that intrigue me most about this is its precision, they performed extremely complex and very advanced works for their time.


Valeria Gallifa De la Fuente