Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome to another episode of 5 night’s at Fred-!

Wait a minute! I’m not Markipler and I’m not playing 5NAF!(Thank god! That game could kill me!)

Hey! How’s going? My name is Lily and welcome to a new section I’d like to call…

”HOW TO FREAKING DO?!” Where I’ll show you whatever you want to know about something you want to do. I know this could be a little senseless at first but trust in me when I say it, okay? okay!

On today’s blog we will going to focus on one of my favorite area of being human…the art (Okey let’s be more specific)… the drawing.

The first drawings appeared during upper paleolithic (Stone age) and they continue growing and evolving until being the most beautiful way to we can express whatever we want. Even if we just do random lines it represents something you are feeling.

Unfortunately some people who want to draw or sketch encounter with this little problem and they don’t know what to do. That’s why I’m writing this drawing tutorial… I want to help them to find their artistic being.

So let’s get started!


Yeah… sounds weird we must be able to make lines and circles. I know it, you readers could find it strange but it’s necessary because when we are sketching we must draw some light lines which will guide us before we start the official drawing.

We’ll begin with some line exercises,repeat it all the times you want.

Okay! Now we are going to draw and also we can’t just draw without an idea of what we are you going to do. Don’t worry about getting ideas or inspiration because they come as faster as you see your favorite things (Inspiration could be everywhere and it can appear every time) or maybe as fast as you feel,do something, etc.

Once you have your sketch is like you want it then we can proceed to delineate it and colored as you wish.

Ok, so I hope you liked this little exercise and we’ll continue on the next How to Freaking Do…? See you!