Hello everybody!!

I want to present you an event where all the people are scared, this is celebrated in Mexico which is my country but it´s native of Tampico, Tamaulipas. I love Mexico!

Maybe you wonder, how is that? What is the origin of this event? Why? How do you celebrate it? So, I´m here to tell you, but before I continue, I need something for me, I need that you do click in “like” and subscribe in my page for more content.

So, let´s start….  This is a very interesting and important event for all of Mexico because it is a festival where everyone looks for one way or another to scare strangers, where they do parties in pool with chocolate (mmm chocolate is the best part of the event), and sweets.

At parties people frighten strangers and in return, the person who is scared, slips into the pool with chocolate and sweets. It´s something casual but very fun!

This began 167 years ago, December 28th at night where a girl walked into a very casual party and a few drunk guys, began to scare the girl. She was scared and crying but as a remedy what happened was that one of the guys gave to girl a chocolate to apologize to her.

And that girl fell in love with the boy who was sweet and they got married (that day!!!). Then, each 28 December they celebrated their anniversary with celebrations of chocolate and sweets. The requirement was, and still is, plan to scare strangers.

Hosts were killed in a car crash 28 years later, on 28 December, how sad that this happened to them, but the party continued its course until today.



Diana Isabel Hernández González