Today I want to talk about The Legend Of Zelda Majora´s Mask, about if is Link alive or dead in the game?

This game of the saga The Legend of Zelda, was the second part of our hero of time storyline, Link, and his mission through time. After the final battle with Ganon and talking with Zelda, he is in the forest (the Beginning of the game) seeking “A friend”, and riding his horse (Epona).

Remember, in the first game, Link had a partner (not very loved, and so annoying), the fairy Navi, BUT he had other friends in the Lost Forest such as Saria. So we don´t know which friend the game talks about. Anyway, he is in the Lost Forest, suddenly Skullkid (the antagonist) appears and steals Link´s horse, Link followed Skullkid till a downfall. Here we think, what has happened here?

The theory says Link died falling there, and it is acceptable:

  1. Because after this we are in another city, thousands of meters underground, and is stranger and illogical to be in another normal city in other zone.
  2. In the map of the game, there are five main zones, and each has a relation with the five stages of loss.
  3. Negation: In Clock Town, the main city, nobody is worried about the moon falling, because they think it won´t happen.
  4. Anger: The second main zone, the Kingdom Deku in Southern Swamp, the king fells angry for losing his daughter, the princess, and he wants revenge.
  5. Bargaining: The third zone, Snowhead, Link finds a goron ghost, and he wants to come back to life, so he negotiates with Link to cure his sorrows.
  6. Depression: In Great Bay we can find a sad Zora, because her eggs were stolen by the pirates.
  7. Acceptance: In the last zone, in Ikana, acceptance is represented by the last weapons, the Light Arrows, because they represent the illumination.

The five stages of loss are represented as the death and sorrows.

There are people like a memories of Link´s past with the same faces, clothes and articles, like his mind or himself want to hold the past and don´t want to leave his life.

So, we can think that Link is really dead for these reasons, but there are more reasons, and there are theories to explain other meaning about all this, well that is the point of the theories, makes opinions. Well “believe or not, that is your decision”.


Alejandro Cortez Rodríguez