Hi there, I’m a person that likes playing video games a lot, but not just any video game, I’m talking about Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, or MMORPGs for short.

I started playing these games when I was 9, started with a very basic game, called Runescape, it is a point and click game, filled with quests and skills like cooking, crafting, fishing, and many more that might seem boring, but I remember wasting my time playing that game and now that I think about it I feel it was kind of boring. However, playing Runescape made me wanna know more about how people interact with each other and why they played those games.

And after 3 years of playing Runescape, I stopped and didn´t find a game I could play for more than 2 months, and then, I found it, a $14.99 a month subscription game, “Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward”. I started working to pay for the subscription, but that´s not important, this game was everything I had dreamt of: amazing gameplay, complex game mechanics, skills and clases, from disciples of war, to disciples of land and hand, not just figthting like any other generic game, there was crafting and gathering materials, tons of players to interact with, dungeons, raids, this game had it all.

I`ve been playing for 1 and a half years now, and I don´t regret wasting my money on that game, but the raise of the Dollar Price, is making it harder to play. I really can´t express how fun and beautiful this game is, but I can assure you, this is not just a game, this, Is a masterpiece.

Francisco Javier Arvizu Ruiz