Well, in this article I’m going to express the love that I feel for Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta also known as Lady Gaga.

I started listening to Lady Gaga´s music since 2010, when I was in elementary school and I remmenber the first song that I listened from her, it was pokerface. On MTV.

On that time, I had some problems in my life, but i don´t know how her music pacified me. I started with pokeface, but with time I started to be in love with other songs like “love game”, “just dance”, and other songs from that year.

My favotive album by her is “Artpop” but my favorite song is not from that disc. My favorite song is “Judas” and behind on second place is “Telephone”

I not only love her music, I also love the person that she is. She is in favor of the LGTB people, helps people with low resources and that kind of things that good people do.

Right now she is going to make an appearance in USA, BRAZIL, and SPAIN, this tour is named after his album ARTPOP and that´s really sad because she is not going to present her show here in Mexico and I wanted to go so much. So I only need to pray and wait for the day when Lady Gaga makes a tour in Mexico.