Prehistory is the period that begins with the appearance of the human being, and with it comes art.

Art was and still is a form to communicate, even before a language existed. I am going to mention four areas of the prehistoric art to know more about the characteristics of the artistic expressions of that period.


The man to survive had to evolve, and it was in the age of metals when he began to create bronze, copper and iron instruments to make use of them in different aspects. One of the first instruments was the ax because the man had to hunt to survive.


Prehistoric art has been called rock art because it was developed and displayed almost exclusively on rock walls, inside caverns and caves and also on the outside of them.


Pottery was the first manifestation of Neolithic art. Other important artistic expressions were the sculptures worshipped as stone goddesses.


The first architectural manifestations known in the prehistory were called Megaliths (mega: great, lito: stone). These took many forms and were created by enormous stones. They were created at least 4000 thousand years ago b.C.

I think it’s very interesting the way they survived and communicate but the most amazing thing is how they make art with very few materials and how it have lasted so long.