Valentine’s Day is a tradition thing where people give presents to people who love. Mainly this tradition is for those who have a boyfriend or girlfriend; couples who are in love. Well, also for those who have friends can celebrate this day too.

Couples!, they celebrate this day with a meal, they go to have a dinner or lunch or breakfast, maybe a picnic in the middle of the woods, haha! or go camping and also something very important is to give a present, maybe the girlfriend or boyfriend or the friend didn’t ask for something but the person give something just because they want to, like flowers or perfumes or mugs with chocolates on it or candies, cakes cookies, or a car (just kidding!) but yeah that’s what couples give in valentine’s day.

But what about friends? Well, is kind of the same thing but with other intentions, I think. For friends we can say that is more informal, because there’s not a commitment, like a relationship. So friend’s maybe do parties and exchange gifts, but their gifts are like mugs with candies on it, balloons, lollipops or a bracelet, but not flowers and perfumes OR cars! Kidding again! But yeah that’s what friends do. But maybe you’re wondering…how do I celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Well that’s a mystery haha I’m kidding. Well I haven’t had a boyfriend so, no perfumes nor roses… But hey!  I have friends so we get together and make an exchange or meet for dinner or go to the movie theater and eat a lot of junk food.

It’s a really nice day so I really enjoy to spend time with my friends that day, maybe someday I will have a boyfriend, I don’t know just saying I mean I don’t need one, you know, well whatever. But yeah! It’s a great day. I know that is not the only day that we have for showing our love with presents or others things but it is the day where everybody take some time to give something for someone.

Paola Montelongo Tello