Hi everybody! I want to show you my review of Whiplash which I think is one the best movies ever made…

This movie is unique, amazing acting and story. Andrew Neiman is a young musician of Shaffer Conservatory with big dreams; he wants to be the best drummer just like Buddy Rich. Andrew´s life change when he met Terence Fletcher, his new mentor. Fletcher saw some “talent and passion” in Andrew´s drumming and he draft him to studio band (the best in New York). Fletcher is abusive towards his students, mocking and insulting them. When Andrew played Whiplash, he really struggled with the tempo, Fletcher didn’t have patience, he’s crazy, he started to slap Andrew just because he wasn’t following his tempo, and he even threw a chair at him in front of the class. Andrew needed to prove he was the best; he competed with other two “good” drummers for the core drumming. Andrew practiced until his hands started to bleed; this story is similar to “Black Swamp” is about how much you can take to get what you want, even if you go through madness. But this madness destroys what Andrew has accomplished outside the music, like leaving his girlfriend or being really rude to his family. At the end of the movie Andrew shows everybody that he is one of the best drummers of all time.

Well, I hope you liked this review and see you soon!