Hello, I am going to tell you about how it was my experience on a Coldplay concert that I went to.

I was really excited; I always wanted to go to a coldplay concert so it was a big deal to me. I knew that it was going to be something really big, because the concert was gonna be held on the Foro Sol, which is a really big place. Maybe 1 month before the concert I called to some hotels to make a reservation for the weekend that I was going to spend there, because the concert was In Mexico city, it was really crazy because almost all the hotels that I called were full of reservations, and I thought it was crazy to think how many people were going to  attend the concert.

But luckily I found an hotel that was available. And I went to the concert which was as crazy as I thought because there were a lot of people singing really loudly, but the most important thing was that they  performed a really  amazing concert, I couldn’t believe that I actually saw them playing live!

I loved the experience; it was amazing, and I wish to be able to go in the future to another Coldplay concert.


Stephany Flores Izquierdo