Last January 24th the 89th Academy Award Nominees were announced, in which the film La la land got the most nominations in Oscar’s history after Titanic with 14 categories, including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film and Best Director among others.

There is a lot of fuss about films like Hidden Figures, Fences and Lion that have, if not the entiere cast, most of it comformed by african-american actors, that serve to undercut any potential accusations that Oscars are still so “White”, however we have films like Hacksaw Ridge and Hell or High Water that follow the same pattern of every “White” american film.

There is also the subject that Meryl Streep is nominated like every single year, does she really deserved another nomination?

With the new government administration in America, there is an issue that has everyone concerned, and that is that the president won’t let the Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi attend the ceremony. As we’ve seen in the SAG Awards, actors and actresses are raising their voices about this situation that is not fair for anyone that is not american, because talent is not meassured by your nationality.