This Super bowl was on February 5 Houston, Texas.

The Super bowl is the last season game on the tournament of the NFL, the main professional championship of USA, also the most wanted of all sports.

Patriots are the new winners of the LI Super bowl, they defeated The Atlanta Falcons, the ending score was 34-28. The game was awesome, everybody thought Falcons were going to be the winners, but Patriots took the lead at the end, that was a historical ending in the NFL.

This was the fifth championship of Patriots, guided by Belichick and Tom Brady, who was The Most Valuable Player for the fourth time in his career, this was an unforgettable game for him because he also was the most valuable quarterback.

An amazing and exciting part was the middle time when Lady Gaga made a show singing and playing the piano and jumped into the public, but the real thing about that happened after the game when everybody started making funny pictures of her comparing her with some Tv characters like SpongeBob or a character from the Simpsons.

This game was really good, not boring specially when Patriots took the lead ahead Falcons and win for the 5th time.


López Castillo Abraham