For all of us it is a great illusion to get to university, because we think things like, “I will finally study something i like”, “all subjects will be interesting”, “I will be treated as an adult”, “finally I’ll run into mature people”, and the most common one “I’ll finally find someone who knows what they want in life. ”

However, university is not as perfect as we imagine. Starting with the subjects, in university you have the responsibility to learn on your own, and studying what you like does not guarantee that the subjects will be of your total pleasure, many times no matter how hard you try, you will not get the expected results. Teachers may have a lot of experience but there are times when that is not enough because we are talking about adults with jobs outside the classroom that do not always have the best disposition to teach.

Regarding freedoms and adult life, we never imagine all the responsibilities that come up and that now, everything you do the responsibility will be on you. Many people think that going to study abroad to another city even to another  country will be a lot of fun and a total dream, the reality is that you come across a big pile of duties that are not fun at all, it’s time to grow up and think wisely, to know how to manage your time and money, since you have accumulated both home and academic responsibilities and your parents are no longer there to solve your life.

Now, talking about the people you’ll meet, the 20’s are not at all the years of complete  maturity, on the contrary it is when you have more doubts about your future and about what you want in life. Your classmates will not only be your friends, they will also be your competition. So don’t be surprised if you ever have differences with them, you just have to know how to cope with the situation. The fact that they are studying the same thing as you  does not mean that their ideals are similar, so you can take surprises, remember that not everyone will like you and there is nothing wrong with that.

Just be prepared, you’ll start seeing things in a different way, now what causes you happiness are things like, “I finally got a deposit at the bank”, “my parents will come visit me”, “today I will eat something other than tuna”, “the bill didn’t come so expensive this month”.

Before you got into university you thought that going out every weekend gave you a status, that it was essential to wear your  new clothes every time you went out, that going out late to parties would made you cooler, but you realize that going to parties won’t make you a better person, now you prefer to save those sleepless nights when you really need them because the next day there is an exam. You will notice that now you go to parties not only for “fun” or “flirting” but also to de-stress and get a bit distracted because there comes a point that you’re annoyed about doing the same things.

Lastly, forget about finding the love of your life, you are not in the age for that, you both need to live too many experiences, both of you are not ready economically, mentally and emotionally, relax and live every phase of your life, there’s time for everything. You may find someone with whom you feel comfortable and that person might be the one, just remember that not everything is perfect and you might not find your true love the first time.

You will have too many amorous disappointments, as well as academic, personal and some others but this does not mean that it will be the end, you decide which path to take, you will have highs and lows but all this will be what will form you as a person, you will become more mature and begin to see things from another perspective, this is just a small part of what university is like.

Nylse Mariela Fierro Chao

Cristina Lilian Garcia Diaz