By Martín Rafael Castillo Romero

College is one of the most important stages in the professional life of a person,

because it introduces you to the job you’re planning to take, and if we consider that

people spend a lot of time in work, it sure is an important step on your life. As a

student, I really wish to learn as many things as I can so I could be an expert in my

work. It’s not all about grades (although they’re important) but it is also about what

teachers tell you about their professional life. Taking advices of your teachers can

save you from making a big mistake in your work, so pay attention to their experiences.

Social life is also a big part of being in college, you never know if you’re going to

work with the person who sits by your side every class (or if you’re going to work

for them), so be nice with everyone and try to avoid problems.

With all of this being said, remember to have a good time in college, try to learn as

much as you can and make new friends.