For my 18th birthday, I didn`t want anything but just a small meeting with my closest family members. But then one day I was at home and I saw an envelope in the table, I didn’t expect anything because I wanted to go to that concert, but I didn`t think my dad was paying me attention. So I just opened the envelop and saw it, I was like OMGGGGGGGG.

So, I had to travel to Mexico City, with my cousin. Then I had to stay in my uncle’s house, I was really nervous I couldn`t believe that I was going to see Guns and Roses LIVE like not many at my age can say that!

Then we (my cousin and I) had to take 2 metros, It was too uncomfortable but I didn`t really care.

Then we arrived to the Foro Sol, It was so cold, and it was going to rain, but I was so excited that I didn`t feel it. Then the concert started with fireworks and Axl was in a throne, and I noticed that there  was a new member in the group named Melissa. They first played It’s so Easy and the Mr. Brownstone, I can`t remember the setlist but I did really enjoyed it, I didn`t exit until the show ended, the most part of the people exit, because the rain and also the insecurity, but I tried to stand the rain and so I did.

The best part it was when they played “You could be mine” and obviously “, “Knockin on Heavens Door”, “Welcome to the Jungle” and obviously “November Rain”

I was a little disappointed because they didn’t play  “Civil war”

And then they started to play “Wish you were here” and it was a very special moment for me.  It’s an experience that I’ll never forget…