6 years ago, I danced hip hop with my friends and it was a lot of fun. We danced so much until our legs ached, we got to compete twice, on the first occasion we won, we were the best hip hop dance group in the whole competition and no one surpassed us. But on the second occasion we trusted on each other so much that we were fourth. It was terrible, we danced like never, but lost for some other problems we had, nothing was as before because my friends and I had distanced ourselves much longer and did not feel the passion of dancing as before.

Some began to fight, others left the group, a total disaster, but instead I still insisted that we continued to dance.

For me dancing is the best in the world, it takes away the stress, makes the best of you, but nobody thinks like me or maybe just some people but not all. I hope that someday we can get back together and remember those good times as they were a great experience in my life and I never want to forget. We do not frequent as much ourselves as before, but that does not mean that we’ll never come back to dance hip hop and who knows maybe we will compete again…