Well, I’ve been planning my future for 3 years I think: I want to be a successful Businessman.

My plan consists of three parts: first, I´ll create a gadget to find little objects like keys, wallets, cellphones without battery, etc. It will be like a sensor, but you can use it with an app in your smartphone. The app will activate the function of the sensor and it will make a sound, with this you can find your object easily.

The second part consists of finding a company to commercialize the sensor and other variety of items. This part can take much time but is necessary and I think I can achieve it.

The third part is for my own satisfaction, I’ll pay to produce a video game. It will be everything I ever expected from a video game. This is my life plan, I know it’s almost impossible, but I’ll try my best.

José Luis Alatorre Ortega