In these days nutrition is a very important topic in the world, México took the first place in Child obesity and Diabetes, this pathology is the cause of another complications which represent a major health risk.

The nutritionist have a big labor because they have the tools to erradicate and prevent these problems. They explain  the correct manner of eating, the benefits of food, the importance of practicing some physical activity like football, basketball, volleyball, jumping rope, run, walk.

Many times we don’t take the importance to the food plan, maybe because it seems very simple or we don’t become aware of it. For it we need to work in a multidisciplinary team with Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses to have success in the treatment.

According to the type physical activity and body composition of the patient will be the energy requirement, if all the people had the habit to go to consult of nutritionists the statistics of the disease would decrease.

María Fernanda Hernández Méndez