Xilitla is a magic town with good and funny people.

This travel really is a good way to relax. personally it was an experience both good and not so nice. The state of san Luis Potosí counts with lots of trees, flowers and insects and mangoes.

Inside the town of Xilitla you have 100% contact with nature, to sleep you can rent a room but it’s free of tecnology you can only load your cellphone or your camera. The nights are very cold and silent in theory because there were many insects singing and the days are very hot and humid.

It has impressive attractions like the castle that if you get in when someone is explaining about the structure it makes more sense to go and see it to understand why Edward Frank Willis James had ideas as crazy as “The snakes at the beginning of the journey”.

The waterfalls are very nice and the water is very cold, the house has hidden corridors and it was a really beautiful experience.


Griselda chabrand