Since I was 15 years old, I started with the amines and videogames, and I’ve dreamed of traveling to Japan. It began when I saw my first anime “Sword Art Online”, the anime is ok but the opening caught me: “Crossing Field” by LISA, my favorite idol. The closest I’ve been to seeing her live was when she came to Mexico City the last day of the Holy week in 2015, and I already had the ticket, but the next day I had school and we were closing semester so I couldn’t be there. If I hadn’t gone to school, I would have fulfilled one of my dreams.

For now, I continue watching amines and I hope one day I can see the landscapes, the sakuras trees, the cosplayers, maid cafes and arcades, and see the crash between the new culture, the lights, and technologies with the traditional culture, temples and festivals.

And if LISA returns to Mexico, I will go to see her no matter when it is, I can’t live (or rather die) without seeing her live.


Luis Javier Hervert Cadena