India, China & Japan

“Oriental art is the result of combining things such as harmony and aesthetics and achieving a balance”. -Unknown

The art of India is mainly characterized  by being a reflection of the complex Indian society, multiethnic and multicultural. They wanted to integrate with nature as an adaptation to the universal order and most of the natural elements have a sacred character.

Art in China was mainly represented with nature because they worshipped the forces of nature. the technique of the first paintings was the watercolor on silk or paper. chi.png

Religion and society were factors that inspired its aesthetic style, their religious philosophy is reflected in the art.
Japanese art produces a melancholy and harmony with the environment.
Japanese paintings are constant in their  aesthetic style and the adaptation of ideas imported from China.

About the art in the ancient orient I can say that my favorite is the Indian art because of their beliefs; the whole idea about reincarnation is simply amazing and also Indian society relates to Chinese and Japanese society because they believed that living in harmony with natural forces was living in peace.

Valeria Gallifa De la Fuente