Coraline is a movie based on a novel written by Neil Gaiman. It is a story based on the adventures of a girl that moves to a new house and discovers another world behind a small door, to take her into the other world there is a doll with button eyes that looks just like her, that is used as a spy.

There are really small differences between the book and the movie, personally I like both of them because of different reasons. The story immediately captures your attention because of the way it begins, it is not the typical movie were the girl is just annoyed by moving to a different house, because even though she is upset about it she takes the good of it and begins to explore her surroundings.

Slowly the story begins to introduce you into the characters and helps you to understand the behavior of Coraline, and the way the other world functions. Since the very beginning there is a mystery about the door, the doll, and the people in the other world.

For me it is a magnificent movie to see and an amazing novel to read, and I absolutely recommend it.