Hi everyone! I’m Jose Carlos and I’m back with another interesting topic, I hope you like it!

We have so many kind of phones, so many kind of phone brands like Samsung, apple, LG, etc. But I’m not gonna put these brands against each other, I want to talk about sizes.

There exist small phones of 3.5 inches or 4 inches, this kind of phone sizes allow you to do one hand work like texting, also helps you in easy save, you can save it in your jeans pocket and you’re not gonna even notice that it is there. But also this has some disadvantages, for example it’s more difficult the way you watch videos or playing games.

And what about the big ones? There’s a lot of sizes as well, like 5 or 6 inches, this devices gives you better watching video experience, do some multimedia work, even better battery, but the disadvantages are that they are too big to save it in your pocket also could be so flashy and maybe a person could steal it.

But well, at least is your decision! In my experience, I prefer small phones, because I think a phone doesn’t need to be so big, come on it is a phone, not a tablet!

Well guys, I hope you like it! Comment below what you think, you are #TeamSmall or #TeamBig? See ya!