Hello! So I’m back to talk about another kpop group that I really like and they are GOT7. They are seven guys between the ages 19 and 23, but what makes them different is that the members are not just from South Korea, there is one chinese, Jackson, one american, Mark, one thai, Bam Bam and the other four are korean, JB, Jinyoung, Youngjae and Yugyeom.

They debuted with the song and music video for “Girls Girls Girls”; and their first EP “Got it?”; Which made them reach #1 at the Billboard Top World Albums Chart, which is something very big and important to a just debuted group.

They are part of one of the biggest management companies, JYP, but still they have had a hard time during their carreers, including media scandals.

They are not one of the top groups in Korea but are well known and loved in a lot places all over the world and their fanbase (IGOT7), which is highly international, loves that they treat them all their fans the same.

Elisa Cano Sanchez