This last Winter I went to Canada to do an english program, it was amazing, but also really expensive. My mom had to sell our car to pay the register, It was really sad because I was going to use that car in the future but I’m grateful with my mom because she made the effort to get the money for this big oportunity that I had.

The trip all the way to Canada was an aventure, first our flight to Canada was canceled because of a snow storm, so the airline was trying to get us a flight to Canada with 4 available seats, and finally they found a flight to Washington D.C and from there to Canada, we spent 2 days in the airport.CAN.jpg

I loved the city, the public transportation because it’s very easy to use, and the places where you can hangout; there was a place that I really liked it’s call LEVEL ONE you can eat and play videogames with your friend, they also have a lot of board games and it’s really cool. I don’t only want to go to the city again, I want to do the whole program again, it´s really worth it.

I hope I can go in a year or two, I have time so I don´t mind waiting, but what matters is that I feel a lot of nostalgia and I want to go back to Canada.

Lucero López Rivas