One of the most scary things for a teenage are two simple phrases: “My period is late” and “I’m pregnant”. For a boy, first, they are in shock and then they realize a life of diapers, poop, feeding bottle, hospital, money, work, boy or girl.


At the beggining they are so scared but then they need to take a decision: be a teenage father and take responsabilities or leave the girl and make her a single mom, but even that is scary for a girl, everything changes, physically and psychologically.

Inside her body a human is growing and the society speaks, “she’s the girl who couldn’t wait to have sex until marriage”, “now she’s leaving school and now she’s going to be a full time mom because she is a woman now”.


It´s gonna be hard for your parents but they will make this travel easy if you let them help you. The most important you have to tell them as soon as you know that you are pregnant.

Be strong as a couple, if you work together everything will be easy ,that baby will be a blessing and you will do everything to give her or him the world, to protect them.