Over these back couple of weeks there has been a glut of Internet about today Valentine´s day!

it’s the day when the typical excuses (about being too busy, too stressed, too [fill in the blank]) seem downright pathetic and just plain wrong. It’s the day when, despite the dents and dings that exist in your relationship, the love you and your boyfriend or girlfriend share will have an opportunity to shine. Couples need this, relationships need this, we all need this.

If you’re in love, Valentine’s Day is one of those days that are set apart from the mundaneness of other days that can engulf a relationship.

I personally love this day, and I have been single my whole life, except last year and this current one, but I have always celebrated this day no matter what. I usually give presents to my Friends and family and now that I have a special one, Valentines day seems a Little different, I still want to give something to my Friends but now I’m kind of focused on my boyfriend. Everything is so pretty and colorful now for me, and I think people should just let other couples enjoy this day no matter what, because a lot of people just throw dirt at it.

Valentine’s day is for everybody, so let´s just try to enjoy it, or eat a lot today because it’s all about love!