I can say without a doubt that David Fincher is my favorite director, my top three favorite movies were directed by him, The Fight Club, The Social Network and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I have seen this movies hundreds of times, each and every time I discover something different that doesn’t stop to amaze me. The detail he puts in every aspect of a movie is incredible. The rest of his movies are great too but I don’t enjoy them as much as these three.

I recently read that a normal scene takes 10 takes to get, but he takes more tan 200 takes to make sure that the actors are not acting just to get the job done, he forces them to give a performance that it’s convincing and the results are great. He also puts a lot of attention in the corporal performance the actors are giving, every action has a meaning, a path that needs to be followed so that we can understand plot points that may be hard but taking care of these details makes it easier to comprehend. That’s why I consider him my favorite director.