Everybody has different hobbies, specially me, so today I’ll talk about some activities I like to do when I have free Time:

1.- Watch some movie or show on Netflix, I think these days everyone has a Netflix Account and everybody loves it, I can tell you some really good Shows like, How I Met Your Mother, Stranger Things and my favorite one, American Horror Story. I love to watch all of these in a rainy day, with some snacks, one of the biggest pleasures of life.

2.- Spend time with my family, every Sunday my dad’s family get together somewhere to have a good meal and have a great time talking, telling stories of what happened during the week, I like this kind of stuff.

3.- Sometimes I like to watch some sports games, not every day , but I like it, specially with my brother, I think it’s the only time when we can talk and not have a fight.

So this are some of my favorite hobbies, I’m not ashamed of writing about them because we all have different ones.


By: Abraham López Castillo