Well, this topic has been having problems with many gamers in the world…

Nintendo Switch is close, it will be released on March 3rd and the main problem is the online pay service, like Microsoft and Sony you pay for Xbox Gold or Playstation Plus (respectively), but they offer better services than Nintendo will. Example: Xbox has voice chat to talk with other gamers, but Nintendo wants you to buy an app (made by them) to speak, I think it’s dumb paying for an app when I can use the other free apps such as Skype or video chat.

Another problem with online service is that you can buy a game with Xbox Gold, and it will be in the memory and you can play it if you want, whenever you want, but with Nintendo´s online service you can play downloaded games, but only if you´re paying for that online service.

Anyway, another problem is the memory capacity, it isn’t able to save the new games, Nintendo Switch will have just 32 GB of memory, I can´t do anything with just 32 GB, a lot of games use a lot of GB, I would be able to play just one video game!

There are many other problems, like the definition (the definition of a smartphone is better than Nintendo Switch’s) or the battery (Nintendo says that the console will have from 3 to 6 hours of battery, but really it will have less than that).

Well on the other hand , it’s a great idea mixing all the ancient hardware, like the Wii U gamepad, or the NES control pad, even the function moving-control of the first Wii, I think it’s good to the ancient gamers and the new generation of gamers, and the idea of being portable raises points for Nintendo. Also many games will be released such as The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odissey Mario Kart 8, etc.

With all this I can reach a conclusion, Nintendo is bad at making consoles but excellent at making videogames.

Alejandro Cortez Rodríguez