As students, it’s very difficult to manage our time because there is a lot of information you need to read and sometimes time is just not enough, but as young adults we also want to spend time with our friends and family, but that often seems impossible.

So if you think we are gonna share you tips, you’re wrong, we don’t have any idea…

Having a social life, good grades and in some cases a relationship is a fantasy for a lot of college students.

We just want to give you an advice, you need to take your time, your family and friends are way more important than school so relax, grades don’t define who you are, what defines you is the knowledge you get through the years of studying.

There will be times when you cancel a party because you have an exam but that doesn’t mean it would make you antisocial, you just have to set a list of priorities.

Live your life, you will not be forever young.

Nylse Chao

Cristina Diaz