The game starts with you personalizing a character in a jail, then a stranger going to give you a key to open the jail. You character is dead in life, it’s a kind of zombie. When you character is out of the jail, he fights with some “Hollows” which are the weakest enemy of the game, but you only have a broke sword to defeat them. Fortunately, they don’t attack you because it’s the “tutorial”.

Then in the game, you will be in a big hall and when you least expect it the Asylum Demon is going to attack you. It’s a kind of ugly dragon with a hammer. You can’t defeat it, but you can run to the door of the left and save your life for the moment. Once you pass the door, you will take a real weapon and a shield, then you meet a knight who gives you an Estus flask to fill your life, then he dies.

Now it’s the moment to defeat the Asylum Demon and end the “tutorial” of the game… Good luck…