Madame Antoine is a South Korean TV show from 2016. It’s about a girl called Go Hye Rim who has a coffee shop called Madame Antoine because of the dead queen of France who’s supposed to tell the future of the people who visited the coffee but is a fake. In fact she is very observant.

In the other hand Choi Soo Hyun is a famous psychotherapist who doesn’t believe in love and he is doing a project with psychological tests in women to prove that true love doesn’t exist.

The project consists of three possible guys who try to win her over. The first one is sweet and is younger than her, the second guy is sporty and has a good body, and the third one is older but is rich. The hypothesis that he said was that the girls choose the third one and do anything to have him.

However Choi Soo Hyun decided to use Hye Rim as the subject of his next project, in which he plans to fall in love and then leave her but he will be in trouble when he is the one who ends up being the victim of his own experiment, falling in love with Hye.


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