So there was this one time when my aunt Monica, who used to live in Reynosa, was

driving to work early in the morning. She’s the kind of person who likes to drive as if

she was a stunt double in a Fast & Furious movie, but since she has been caught

several times by traffic officers in the morning for speeding and such, she acts like a

normal driver while heading to work.

She stops at a traffic light just behind this black, eerie looking pickup truck. When the

light turns green, the truck doesn’t advance. It just stays there. My aunt has this

annoying habit of honking repeatedly like a madman when this sort of things happen,

but for whatever reason, she decided to hold her anger in this time. Two greenlights

pass, three, then four… Just when she’s about to honk in an offensive manner and

overtake the truck, a man dressed rurally and with a cowboy hat gets off and

approaches my aunt.

She slowly lowers her window, kind of creeped out and quite scared because at that

time, there were a lot of narcos in the city. The man then proceeds to say: “My friend

and I over there made a bet. We said that if you honked we would shoot you, but if you

didn’t we would give you some cash. He was dead sure that you would honk sooner or


He gets out a wad of cash from the back pocket of his jeans, gives it to my aunt, tips

his hat and walks over to his truck to leave.

For once in her life, my aunt was so grateful that she didn’t honk.