Tampico and Madero are two towns which usually are seen as one. People who live in Madero can go to Tampico just in minutes and people from Tampico can do the same to the other city. It has many advantages, for example, if you don’t have a movie theater in Madero you can go to one in Tampico. If you don’t have a good restaurant in Tampico you can go to one in Madero… and there are many things like that, but the most beautiful thing that I can consider people who live here have, is the beach.

I really love the beach, I always relax when I go there. I like to feel the sand, the water, see the waves as they move, feel the breeze, just everything.

Imagine going to the beach and see the sunset and its amazing colors, or go in the sunrise and see how a new day is starting. The best part of this, is that you can appreciate these moments pretty well from the view of the beach, because there’s nothing around.

Also if you just go to sunbathe, to enjoy some time with your friends, to play volleyball or football, or to eat sandwiches under the sun… I can just tell you that spending time on a beach is awesome and relaxing.

So anytime you have a chance to go, if you have a beach in your city, go there.

Appreciate the beautiful things that nature gives us.


By: Laura Gabriela Mata Padrón.