Well, I really like here, Tampico, is not a big or small city, it has many things where you can party or have a great time with family or friends.

My favorite place is the beach, well technically it’s not in Tampico, but for me Madero and Tampico are the same, the beach is a beautiful place, cool sand and awesome water.

Another thing I really like about Tampico is the distances between places, they are not so far in comparison of other cities, you can leave you house like 10 minutes before and you can arrive in time.

The cinemas, I really like to go to watch a movie and they are in a central part of the city.

I also like the seafood, you can go to a restaurant and have good seafood, except from some places.

I can’t complain about this city, for me it’s cool to live here, fun, little distances and some touristic places.